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Modular water tanks are manufactured in a piece-of-use form that can be easily assembled without the need for welding. It can be easily assembled to the desired place by passing it in the narrowest places. It is lighter and more robust than its peers. assembly time is short. Clean and hygienic.

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Booster systems are the means that provide the water to reach the desired pressure and flow rate when water pressure and flow are not sufficient. It can be used in high buildings, irrigation systems, fire systems and everywhere where high water pressure and flow rates are required. Booster systems are divided into two as use and fire booster systems. Usage booster systems are used in high structures or garden irrigation systems. One of the important points should be chosen according to the size of the expansion tank booster and the amount of water consumed per hour.

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The use of containers is increasing day by day. There are areas of use such as office living room, wc, kitchen, class room. Mantodekor brand containers offer high quality and healthy living spaces thanks to their superior insulation values and fast production.



Modular Water Tanks

Modular water tanks are manufactured in parts and can ...

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The use of containers is increasing day by day. ...